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Land Use / Zoning
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Significant value can be added to your property. How?

First, by identifying the highest and best use for that property; and secondly, by determining if the governing municipality will allow that use.

Infill clients have found that even when the highest and best uses are determined according to current ordinances, the political climate within the municipality may be the most elusive obstacle to overcome. Therefore, Infill researches market conditions, reviews governing ordinances and investigates the political climate of the municipality to attain the highest and best use for your property.

Understanding through in-depth analysis.

Not only does Infill's research include in-depth analysis of the relationships between planning commissions and their city councils, it also examines the relationship between both entities' individual members. Understanding their personal agendas, goals, and interests helps Infill determine the highest and best uses that may be attainable for clients' properties.

Public representation in a supportive environment.

To protect clients from overzealous public scrutiny or difficult direct questioning at public hearings, Infill serves as a buffer by representing clients at required public meetings. With the hard questions put first to Infill on your behalf, it gives you an opportunity to formulate a more insightful response. Once the difficult situations have been mitigated, Infill clients appear at public meetings in a climate of support and acceptance.

For more information about optimal use of your property, contact Infill at smascaro@infillcompanies.com.

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