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EPA Standards, RCRA, CERCLIS, ACM, soil and groundwater contamination, gradient, polychlorinated biphenyl, VOC, benzene, toluene, trichloroethane, xylenes, ppb, ppm - what does it all mean to you and your property value?

Unfortunately, many properties have not been developed because of a perceived or real environmental contamination concern. Even worse than not developing a property is paying too much for a remediation technology when other options may exist. Although environmental consultants are trained to consider the type of contamination and an appropriate remediation technology, they seldom, if ever, look at land use as part of their evaluation.

Infill includes land use in the evaluation.

Infill is experienced in environmental site evaluations and remediation technologies that may allow development of the property during remediation. Defining a land use that will allow site monitoring, attenuation or other options may allow immediate development of land that was once thought to be useless or too costly to remediate.

For more information about environmental and remediation issues, contact Infill at bmascaro@infillcompanies.com.

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